Terence Wolffe: A Straight Edge fascist in New York

With Trump as president we have witnessed white supremacy in celebration as inspired fascists organize meetings and take the streets across the states. As one can imagine, this means anti-fascists in general, and us vegan straight edge anti-fascists in particular are equally “inspired” to violently smash every meeting and march held by fascists. We say “violently” because in response to this new white pride celebration Midwest Straight Edge Antifa has no interest in appealing to non-violent liberalism. We reject victimhood and find beauty in the destruction of capital-industrial society and all hierarchies including but not limited to white supremacy. The bottom line is we intend to create dangerous spaces for fascists everywhere- the vegan and/or straight edge community included.

Terence Wolffe came across our radar as a straight edge antisemitic who enjoys displaying alt-right, nazi imagery. In response to being confronted about his antisemitism, he “shrugs”. So when we did some online researching on him and found his address and number, we “shrugged” and decided to drop it.

154 Noel Dr
Centereach, NY

Phone number:

late 90s early 00s silver volvo

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Report back: April 23rd All Out ATL against the Klan

On Saturday, April 23rd 2016, Hundreds of people including three anti-fascist groups from the Torch Anti-Fascist Network gathered at Stone Mountain park to confront the KKK and supporters of white pride and white supremacy.

After much planning and preparation, the march began down Robert E. Lee Blvd. and was immediately met with a line of police at the front parking lot entrance. Realizing that the heavy police presence at the first entrance meant trouble, the march turned left and headed down the street to the main gate, which was also guarded by police. At this point, we decided for the first of many times that day to evade through the trees, getting around the fence and into the park. Upon entering, we were greeted with police screaming for us all to take our masks off or risk arrest, but understanding the importance of anonymity in the face of police, media, and the racists/fascists, many of us initially responded with a simple “fuck you” and dodged around the sparse number of cops, as well as de-arresting our comrades along the way, until we got through to a small field right inside the park. This is when things broke out into a frenzy, as cops attempted left and right to arrest anyone wearing a mask, we tried to de-arrest everyone we could while simultaneously trying to regroup and decide what the best tactical move forward was. It was in this field that eight out of the nine people that day were arrested and charged with wearing a mask in a public park.

After finally making it out of the field, it was decided that the best thing to do tactically was to go off the main road, taking a trail and parallel train tracks deeper into the park under the cover of the trees, which not only helped flank the cops who were out in the open, but also partially avoided surveillance from the police helicopter hovering overhead. After getting as close as we could to where the KKK rally was held via trail/track, we emerged from the cover of the trees to head back down Robert E. Lee Blvd, only to face a line of police decked out in riot gear grasping wood batons. Once again, we regrouped and tried to figure out how to move past this line. At this point many of the more peaceful/liberal activists showed up and started telling people that were wearing masks that they should take them off, and began to talk the march into getting on the sidewalk in hopes that the police would let us through, though we knew that was just not going to happen. Had the entire march moved to the sidewalk the line of riot police would have likely swung like a door, kettling us to the sidewalk and arresting anyone masked up. Having realized this, we stayed in the street and convinced others to come back off the sidewalk.


After some time we decided to cut through the woods again and got on to the final street leading right to where the KKK rally was. Our group along with some others got on to the street first and saw we had a running chance to make it to where the KKK was so we did just that, sprinting down the street. We then realized that we were way ahead of the rest of the march and that there was another line of riot cops running to block the street, and had our groups run past the point where there was soon to be riot cops, we would have been cut off and arrested in a heartbeat. Knowing this, we stopped and waited for the rest of the march. We then got word that there was a dumpster on a small path near the road we were on. So we got to it and first tried to roll it downhill to where the riot police line had formed, to no avail. We then started using whatever we could get out of this dumpster against the line of cops. Bigger things, such as old TV’s and pallets, were used to build two barricades, while smaller things like pieces of wood, broken grills, and other such objects were thrown at the police as well as any rocks we could gather. People began shooting/ throwing fireworks at cops and using signal flares to light fires as well. After clashing with the cops for a little while, and fighting with the liberal/pacifist protesters who couldnt respect our tactics, we flanked the cops once again, arriving at the final standoff with police and all within visible distance of the Klan rally. This is where you see most of the pictures and news reporting come from.


After evading through the trees for the final time, we came out of the tree line, at the edge of a huge parking lot, of which the Klan rally was being held on the other side. At this time many groups showed up such as the Bastards MC, the Huey Newton Gun Club, and some other black power groups as well as members of various street gangs such as the Bloods and Gangster Desciples. This is where all the chanting, demanding, and sign holding took place. After about an hour or so of people chanting while the riot cops made two lines to defend the Klan, everyone started to pack up and head back to the parking lot.

On our way back, we saw about tree helicopters land around the racists inside the rally, of which there were only a couple dozen. People could not believe that the racists were actually going to be airlifted out of there, but we could not help but see this as a telling sign of our strength. We had raised so much hell, burning things in the street and blocking off their only routes out, that the only safe way out for them was to be airlifted. On our way back, we also witnessed the amount of people who also couldn’t get in to attend the KKK rally. As the racists left in their cars, some rolled their windows down and sung confederate songs, some yelled out “black lives dont matter!” and some displayed confederate flags on their cars, this was a mistake. As they drove past their cars got hit with rocks, and some were stopped in the street, some having their flags ripped off their car. One was so invested in yelling racist statements at people of color they crashed their car, and then were immediately confronted and showered which rocks afterwards.

All in all, this Klan rally was supposed to have hundreds, and ended up having only a couple dozen. And that couple dozen was probably scared shitless of the number of people marching, fighting riot cops, and running through the woods just to get to them. Had they not had the overwhelming amount of support and resources from the state to defend them, they would have had a very, very bad time. April 23rd should serve as a warning to racists, fascists, and bigots everywhere, if you try to organize, if you try to hold rallies, if you try to do anything to spread your shit, there will be opposition, resistance, and violence.

-Midwest Straight Edge Antifa

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All Out Against Nazis & Klan at Stone Mountain, GA – April 23rd

The All Out ATL mobilization is calling for anti-racists to gather 9AM, Saturday April 23rd at the corner of Main & E. Mountain St. in the community of Stone Mountain, GA to oppose the “Rock Stone Mountain” white supremacist gathering.


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Trigger Warning: animal abuse content (no graphic images), exposed white supremacist in Crystal Lake, Illinois

Shared from South Side Antifa http://southsideantifa.blogspot.it/2015/11/crytal-lake-il-neo-nazi-axel-salemi.html


Crystal Lake IL: Neo Nazi Axel Salemi Accused of Squeezing Kitten to Death

According to the Chicagoist, Axel Salemi of Crystal Lake, IL is Currently in the McHenry County Correctional Facility for allegedly killing a kitten with his bare hands. What they don’t mention however is that Axel is a proud neo-nazi. His Facebook profile features confederate flags, deaths head skulls, and is where you can find him saying racist quotes such as; “we fly the swastika! we fly it strong and true! we ain’t never gonna take it down for the communist or jews!”. At the time of his arrest he was a server at a Buffalo Wild Wings. He appears to still be employed at the McHenry location (3343 Shoppers Dr. The Shops at Fox River McHenry, IL 60051-5405).

Taken from Chicagoist.com:

An 18-year-old Crystal Lake man is facing felony charges after police say he killed a kitten with his bare hands.

Police say Axel Salemi killed a 7-week-old kitten with his bare hands, squeezing it to death while he was “in an agitated state of mind,” The Daily Herald reports. The alleged killing occurred at Salemi’s home, which serves as a rescue shelter for kittens. Police were called to the scene Friday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. on the 100 block of Briarwood Circle. Salemi was arrested at his workplace, Crystal Lake Patch reported.

Salemi now faces two felony charges: aggravated animal cruelty and criminal damage to a domesticated animal, according to the Tribune. He appeared in court Saturday where his bond was set at $20,000. He’s currently in the McHenry County Correctional Facility.

Court records dug up by the Tribune show he was charged with domestic battery and consumption of alcoholic liquor by a minor in March. A complaint alleged that Salemi punched a woman in the nose and mouth and grabbed her neck. He ended up pleading guilty to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct. He was placed on court supervision, which was supposed to end next June.


Axel Salemi
40 Briarwood Cir
Crystal Lake, IL 60014-3922

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Statement circulated in Chicago about the “wannabe mt. happy” venue, its host Brandon and friend Rob

The following statement is being circulated amongst Chicago-area punk scenes encouraging bands to boycott the “wannabe Mt. Happy” venue (which “mt. happy” is actually a stolen name in this case and is to NOT be confused with the REAL Mt.Happy which has a strong revolutionary reputation for being anti-oppression and was anti-racist and anti-fascist) as well as any future shows and venues hosted by Brandon.

“Lets get the facts straight. Brandon is the only one hosting and organizing shows at his “wannabe mt. happy” venue prior to the city shutting it down. In the past few months there has been a lot of issues surrounding a guy named Rob who hung out at there and was also seen in the parking lot of the Black and Brown Punk Show. Rob did not live there but Brandon let him chill there. I saw he has even “worked security” even though he has openly said several racist and transphobic things openly in front of Brandon. Rob first made his presence while punching someone in the face at 2040, just before threatening to shoot up the place. At Brandons venue, Rob threw a fit over a zine distro because of Rob being upset over the idea that white privilege exists and that flyers for a “July 31st Day of Action against Fascism and Racism” event were being circulated. He crumpled up anti-racist flyers while stating racism isn’t real. People brought this up to Brandon and attempted a community discussion with Brandon and Rob but Brandon defended him saying “This is my house, he is my friend and I will defend him”. We have heard that Brandon may have kicked rob out, but that had not been confirmed. Rob got beat up by people who were sick of his antics and Brandon did not address the transphobic shit Rob said after his beating about how he was going to “shoot every bitch till he got to that tranny”. Lets move on to who Brandon is letting hang out at the space. Maci (maclovio orozo) has said some said some despicable things at shows. Ive overheard him talk about how black people in the far south side of Chicago are “coons”. I also overheard him trying to buddy up to a white dude and try to sell him some nazi collectibles. Why has nobody checked Maci or Brandon about his friends? I don’t feel safe about making my name public because I live blocks away. Being a Mexican queer I don’t believe these white dudes understand gentrification and oppression. I’m calling for a boycott of any spaces ran by Brandon because any space allowing racist, sexist, transphobic, hang arounds should not be welcomed.”

Incident with zine distro.

On the night of June 27th during “Beneficio para video club en resistencia” event, people who were distributing zines were also flying for an upcoming “July 31st Anti-Racist/Anti-fascist Day of Action” event. When Rob was offered a flyer, he crumpled it up and threw it on the floor. A few other friends of Rob’s also had flyers which Rob took out of their hands, crumpled up and threw on the floor. Confused by this response the person handing out the flyers asked Rob what the problem was with the flyer. Rob began explaining that “racism doesnt exist” and that “its all in your head” and that events that promote fighting white supremacy are “dumb”. The argument escalated as Rob got in the individuals face and picked up a zine from the table about white privilege and called it “stupid”, along with the rest of the material and the individuals sitting at the table, and individuals of color who began getting upset with him. Because this event was organized by poc, a physical confrontation was not immediately taken since the individuals were from out of town and were considerate of the fact that poc event spaces are rare. So instead one individual notified a poc organizer of an escalating situation that could lead to physical confrontation with his consent. The organizer of the event declined consent for physical confrontation and went upstairs to confront Rob. After Rob called him “stupid like all the others”, he asked the tablers to simply pack up and exit as the situation was getting out of hand. A couple days later the event organizer met with the zine distro to discuss options. Since Brandons place was one of a very few available spaces for pocs to organize events, it was decided that an attempt to open dialog with Brandon, the main person behind this venue, and Rob was necessary. This discussion was proposed in hopes of establishing accountability with them and the incident and to assure that people like Rob would not be allowed in the space. To everyones suprise, a phone discussion with Brandon ended up with Brandon hesitant to host an accountability meeting, saying that “people need to get over it” and finding the meeting and accountability “not necessary”. Brandon also stated that “he (Rob) is my friend and I will defend him”. An accountability process never happen and an attempt to meet and peacefully resolve these issues had been declined.

Anti-racists take direct action.

On the night of July 25th during an Appalachian Terror Unit show at Brandons place two different anti-racist groups including Midwest Straight Edge Antifa coordinated an attack on Rob outside. This attack was to demonstrate a response to white denial and racism masquerading as colorblindness with willful ignorance. Racism and white supremacy is real, existing in everyday interactions, manifesting as state violence and as the capitalist institutions of settler-colonial white supremacy. Racism and white supremacy are defended and subsequently perpetuated by those who deny their existence and mock those fighting it. Racism-denying is derived from the privilege of being white and not being a lifelong target of state violence and institutionalized racial discrimination. This boycott is not only directed at Rob from entering punk spaces but also Brandon who remained complicit in defending Rob during and after the incident. Brandons place was not a safe space for people of color and any other future spaces or venues hosted by Brandon might not be either.

Smash settler-colonial white supremacy!
Smash racism!

Midwest Straight Edge Antifa

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RIP vegan anarchist anti-fascist Timur Kacharava


5 Days ago marks the day Timur Kacharava was murdered by fascists on Nov. 13th 2005

Timur Kacharava (21 August 1985 – 13 November 2005) was a vegan anti-fascist activist of Georgian origin. He was murdered at the age of 20 by members of a far right nationalist group in St. Petersburg.


Kacharava was born into the family of an army officer near Chernobyl. He studied at Saint Petersburg State University and was involved in a student anti-fascist and anarchist group that organized anti-fascist demonstrations and philanthropic actions. In 2003, he founded the hardcore punk band Sandinista!, for which he played guitar. In 2005, he also played for the crust punk band Distress, which toured Sweden.

On 13 November 2005, Kacharava was stabbed to death in St. Petersburg’s Vosstaniya Square after sharing meals for Food Not Bombs, receiving five wounds in the neck. A companion was also stabbed and seriously wounded. Observers believed that the attack may have been motivated by his activism in the anti-fascist movement.
The response and the trial

Over 3,000 St. Petersburg State University students petitioned the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, to find and punish the murderers. In December 2005, police arrested seven suspects who eventually admitted to the crime. On 7 August 2007, Alexander Shabalin was sentenced to 12 years in prison on charges of a murder and incitement to ethnic or racial hatred. Six other members of the gang, who held Kacharava and prevented him from resisting, were charged with inciting social hatred, and were given suspended sentences.

The main defendant in the trial was 14 years old.

Russian human rights association Agora considered the trial as the most important achievement of human rights defenders in Russian courts in 2007.

Kacharava’s family, friends and colleagues remained convinced that Kacharava was the victim of an organized and well-armed neo-Nazi group. His friends testified that he had been followed, received threats by telephone, and been targeted before. According to Galina Stolyarova citing the victim family’s lawyer in Transitions Online, the court accepted the scenario in which the murderer claimed he had spontaneously suggested beating up an anti-fascist activist, and did not charge the other assaulters as accomplices in the murder. Kacharava’s death led some of Russia’s young anti-fascists to change tactics and use violence against neo-Nazis and racists.

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A PDF from our Italian vegan anti-fascist friends “CONOSCERLI PER ISOLARLI, ISOLARLI PER ELIMINARLI La destra, più o meno estrema, in ambito ecologista e animalista in Italia.”


This zine identifies and discusses fascists in Italy who are attempting to infiltrate the anti-speciesist movement, as well as discussing anarchist-nationalism and other fascist tendencies attempting to infiltrate the eco-defense, environmental and non-human animal liberation movementS. Solidarity to Antispefa from the Midwest! XVX (A) (///)

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Anti-speciesist and….fascist?! More reasons to be vegan anti-fascist!

We feel it is necessary to again point out examples of fascists attempting to infiltrate the vegan/non-human animal liberation, straight edge and environmental movements. This problem is spread out across the globe as fascists seek to gain popularity and maintain a platform by expressing themselves as “compassionate” and/or concerned people. Most of the time fascists or fascist sympathizers attempt to hide the atrocities done by fascism historically and presently by accusing anti-fascist vegans of being divisive and “distracting people from the REAL problems of non-human animal oppression”. While yes, the suffering and oppression of other animals is in fact a REAL problem, the attempt to defend or ignore the presence of fascists in the movement is detrimental and creates an unsafe environment for everyone. Below is an article shared by vegan anti-fascists exposing Italian fascists who almost flawlessly disguise themselves as legit anti-speciesist anarchists.

This article was translated and shared from http://xsvax.blogspot.ro/2012/09/action-antispeciste-et-fasciste.html

Here is a warning about Italian Autonomous Nationalists conducting antispécistes actions and endorsing the same visual of Antispé / German Antifas. They resume again the flags of the Antifascist Action, and will even hijack the “A” ALF in “ANS”

They go on to promote themes like feminism, antispécisme, social struggle, anti-capitalism, in a modern style “that eyeful” feature to NA, but all of this wrong because it is merely a pretext for their nationalist ideology.








Let us not be fooled by the fascists disguised as revolutionary or progressive activists. That is why it is important to keep animal liberation anti-fascist, and to recognize our enemies when they try to imitate us.

Do not let the fascists make our struggles harder to destroy them.

Never allow fascists room anywhere!

For animals:
x Sektion VEGAN ANTIFA x

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Support t-shirts now available! Support vegan anarchist, anti-fascist Eric G. King!


Shared from https://supportericking.wordpress.com/

Support Eric King T-Shirts are Here!

We’re excited to announce that the Eric King support t-shirts are in!
Show your solidarity by ordering one today! We’re asking for a $20
donation per shirt. All proceeds go to EK’s support, including
commissary and phone calls.

To order a shirt, donate online at https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/0yoZc
and then email us at erickingsupportcrew(A)riseup.net with your shirt
size (S, M, L, XL) and mailing address. You can also email us to get
a mailing address for donations by check or money order.

In other good news, EK is out of solitary confinement! He now has
greater access to recreation, is able to be social once more, and has
been reunited with a friend who is also serving time there. Send him a
letter or card to help him celebrate this change in his conditions and
to let him know he’s not forgotten!

Eric King
CCA Leavenworth
100 Highway Terrace
Leavenworth, KS 66048

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Support SC anti-Klan arrestee Eddien Patterson

from https://freeeddien.wordpress.com/

Columbia, SC native, Eddien Patterson was arrested during the July 18 anti-KKK demonstration in South Carolina. He was initially charged with 2nd degree felony assault and battery by a mob as well as 3rd misdemeanor assault and battery. Eddien was on probation at the time of arrest and now is serving ten months for violating the probation. He is currently being held at the Richland County jail.

On July 29 Eddien was given the additional charge of Breach of Peace of a High and Aggravated Nature for allegedly breaking the windows of a KKK members pick up truck. Currently we are trying to find a lawyer for Eddien, but he has requested that money be added to his books and desires to receive letters.

to send money, either send donations to free.eddien@gmail.com on PayPal or go to https://richland.mcdanielsupply.co/deposit/indexeddien.
His # is 591561.

For more info: free.eddien@gmail.com

Write Eddien:

Eddien Andre Patterson #591561
E Dorm
Alvin S Glenn Detention Center
201 John Mark Dial Dr
Columbia, SC 29209

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